Claire Lilienthal 3-8 Soil Improvement & Restroom Interim Housing

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Project Location: San Francisco, CA

Bidder: Arntz Builders, Inc.

Owner: San Francisco Unified School District

Bid Date: 12/3/19

Bid Time: 2pm

Estimator: Tom Arntz

Owner's Representative:

Value: $2.7 Million

Notes: Scope necessary to complete soil improvement at original Main Building (Building A) including, but not limited to, soil grouting at main building 1st floor, basement and crawlspaces, exterior perimeter, and interior columns and wall foundations; associated coring of suspended concrete slab at 1st floor & rat slab within crawl space; hazardous material/asbestos/lead abatement and demolition of materials as required to access drilling and coring; mechanical, electrical and plumbing work; relocation of MEP infrastructure in crawlspace to accommodate access for grouting equipment; replacement of materials for temporary occupancy.Also includes site work and installation of Restroom interim housing and all associated utilities.