Marina Middle Soil Improvements

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Project Location: San Francisco, CA

Bidder: Arntz Builders, Inc.

Owner: San Francisco Unified School District

Bid Date: 2/25/20

Bid Time: 2pm

Estimator: Brian Proteau

Owner's Representative:

Value: $2.5 Million

Notes: Contractor shall provide labor and materials for complete soil improvements to Marina Middle School as described in bid document. Soils have been partially improved at the site and contractor is expected to provide all labor and materials in base bid meet the performance criteria defined in the bid documents. Soil improvement work will include, but not limited to; subgrade permeation and compaction grouting for soil stabilization below Buildings C and D. No compaction grouting shall be performed at the interior of the buildings. The scope of work is outlined in provided Geotechnical Report and Geotechnical Report Addendum #1 by Langan Engineering and Environmental Services as well as DSA approved construction documents by Bartos Architecture. This job is to be completed prior to September 30, 2020.