Willows Courthouse Renovation

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Project Location: Willows, CA

Bidder: Arntz Builders, Inc.

Owner: Judicial Council of California

Bid Date: 6/26/20

Bid Time: 1pm

Estimator: Dave Arntz/Kyle French

Owner's Representative:

Value: $30 Million

Notes: Arntz Builders, Inc. is currently under contract with the Judicial Council of California to provide CM at Risk Services for the Willows Courthouse Renovation and Addition project. We are currently seeking subcontractor bids.Project Description: The Willows Courthouse renovation and addition will be a 40,580 gross square feet two story building. The project is the renovation to the Historic Courthouse building (16,745sf.) and the construction of a two story addition (23,835sf.). The project will include site development, demolition of existing structure, and utility infrastructure associated in development of a trial court facility comprised of three courtrooms, accommodating approximately thirty-five court staff. The existing historic building consists of two above grade levels, attic and one below grade level. The new addition consists of two above grade levels on SOG concrete. The project includes, but is not limited to, all building structure, enclosure, interior improvements, mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, audio visual, and security systems. The site development includes but is not limited to building demolition, site preparation, underground utilities, landscape, hardscape, vehicular drives, at grade parking, security barriers, fencing, and gates as further defined in the construction documents.