Willows Courthouse Renovation

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Project Location: Willows, CA

Bidder: Arntz Builders, Inc.

Owner: Judicial Council of California

Bid Date: 4/16/20

Bid Time: 2pm

Estimator: Dave Arntz/Kyle French

Owner's Representative:

Value: $30 Million

Notes: Job walks scheduled for 3/30 at 11am and 4/9 at 1pm. Arntz Builders, Inc. is currently under contract with the Judicial Council of California to provide CM at Risk Services for the Willows Courthouse Renovation and Addition project. An electronic file of the bid documents may be obtained by sending an email to bid@arntzbuilders.com.Work covered by Contract Documents comprises selective demolition of existing site utilities, selective demolition at existing building including roofing, exterior and interior elements, interior build-out and new addition including full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecom and fire alarm/fire protection systems, removal and replacement of site hardscape, installation of new site utilities, fencing and gates, landscape, paving and parking striping. The project is the 2nd phase of a two phase project.